Gastro Intestinal Treatment In Hyderabad

gastrointestinal treatment


Naturopathy is a system that stresses the importance of finding the root cause of problems, and the root cause of many of our health problems is our poor gut health. Maintaining good gut health is key to our overall health. There are many factors that can cause gastrointestinal issues. This includes stress, poor dietary habits, imbalances within the body, and medication.

Our treatment may involve dietary and lifestyle modifications. Naturopathic doctors may recommend dietary changes, such as eliminating certain foods and including ones that will benefit gut health.

At VSR, we look into the root cause of each individual's gastrointestinal problems to understand the cause and then treat them accordingly. The focus in naturopathy is not just the immediate alleviation of symptoms but providing a long-term solution as well.

We use various methods to treat gastric disorders:

  • Hydrotherapy

  • Enema

  • Diet therapy

Our programme is designed to cleanse the entire digestive system, remove toxins, and restore its balance.

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