Diet Therapy In Hyderabad


Food is more than a mere medium of sustenance; it is a form of medicine. What you eat can have a crucial impact on your overall health.

One of the aspects affected by the drastic changes in lifestyle is our diet. Our diet has always played a crucial role in the maintenance of our health. There is ample evidence that proves the positive and negative impact of food on our health. Naturopathy firmly believes in the extraordinary benefits of the diet in combating a wide range of ailments and improving health. Therefore, we focus on therapy through food..

The health of the digestive system plays a crucial role in the overall health of an individual. A healthy digestive system begets good health, while a troubled digestive system can do the opposite.

There is a structure that naturopathic treatment follows for diet therapy. There are three stages that a patient must undergo during the treatment. The diet is based on these three stages. These are the following:

  1. Eliminative

  2. Soothing

  3. Constructive

1. Eliminative diet

This is the first stage wherein the toxins and other harmful matters are eliminated. The patient is required to consume foods that have an eliminative ability, such as water, fruit juices, and vegetables.

2. Soothening diet

The restrictive diet and the elimination process tend to weaken the patient. This entails the need to introduce a soothing diet for the digestive system. The foods used in this stage are boiled vegetables, fruits, khichdi, and other light meals

3. Constructive diet

Now that the digestive tract is clean and back to normal, we move on to the next step. Energy-building foods will now be introduced to get daily activities and life back to normal. This diet will avoid unhealthy foods such as sugar, fast foods, excess oil, and bakery items. Healthy options such as salads will be introduced.

At VSR, we have a team of experts who take care of your diet. We also grow our own organic and pure food, which is devoid of any harmful chemicals.

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